Get Started 

Get Started

So you want to start Pilates? Great! We can’t wait to lead you through your movement journey!

Here at Movement Collective, your progress is important to us, which is why we require all new clients to complete an initial consultation before moving into studio sessions. During this assessment, we will chat to you about any injuries you might have, any goals you might have and create a custom designed program to ensure you get the most out of each session. You should expect to do between 45-50 minutes of exercise in this session.

Our studios are like a little community for anyone who wants to experience healthy movement at its full potential. You may have some questions that you are not quite sure about, and that’s why we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves.

We have two beautiful studios located in Sydney both fully equipped with top of the line apparatus and quality trained instructors guaranteed to help you unlock your bodies potential and define the new you.

An initial consultation is all about you. It’s an opportunity for your instructor to discover your personal goals, learn about your movement history, and any past or current injuries you may have. We want to know why you decided to start Pilates. At the end of this session, your instructor will have a tailored program that works toward your goals. It’s the perfect time to ask any questions you may have and gain an understanding of what to expect moving forward.

What Next?

All Movement Collective sessions are by appointment only. We have made it super easy to make a booking through our online booking system or through our very own mobile app. Alternatively, you can set up a recurring booking for the duration of your prepaid sessions with admin and not have to worry about managing your schedule at all until your next purchase.

We strongly recommend that those new to Pilates take advantage of our introductory privates after your Initial consultation to build strong foundations before jumping into a studio session. Although your program will be individually tailored to you, studio sessions have up to three other participants in them and are best suited to people who can move through their program with a little less guidance from their instructor.


Suited to the experienced Pilates enthusiast, however no prior experience is required for our foundation classes. These intimate classes (up to 6 participants) are taken through the same program on either reformers or on the mat to keep the body moving. These classes are designed to challenge your coordination and control either using the resistance of the springs on the reformer beds or your own body weight against gravity.

The Fine Print

All Studio sessions are made as an appointment (not a class) on our bookings system to allow you guys to take advantage of our flexible timetabling. All sessions are pre booked, pre paid and require 24 hours of notice for studio cancellations. Cancellations can be made via our app, or in writing via email or text message.

Mat and reformer classes require 6 hours cancellation and must be done via our bookings system.

Movement Collective Pilates may reschedule studio that have less than two people. Sessions are also subject to Instructor change. We give as much notice as possible and do our best to avoid schedule changes.

For hygiene purposes, you are required to bring a sweat towel and wear clean socks to all classes.

Get moving today