Instructor Workshops

Karen Clippinger is back for her Sydney tour for THREE days. Feb 14,15 and 16th at Movement Collective Studio’s in Pymble.

Karen Clippinger has a masters degree in exercise science and her life-long work has focused on application of scientific principles to enhance movement technique and reduce injury risk. She is a Professor Emerita at California State University, Long Beach where her course topics included anatomy, injury prevention, body placement and Pilates for dancers. Karen is also the author of PILATES ANATOMY and DANCE ANATOMY AND KINESIOLOGY as well as a world leader of Dance Science and Pilates Education and has given over 400 presentations internationally and at various sites in the United States including at conferences for the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, Body Arts and Science International (BASI), Balanced Body Pilates, Pilates Method Alliance, and numerous universities.

Sydney workshops are strictly limited to 20 participants, so book now to avoid disappointment.

$1350 for full tour. 12 PDP’s.

FOOT MATTERS: 10am-1pm (3 PDPs)

The foot plays a fundamental role in shock absorption, propulsion, and balance during upright movements such as walking and running. These demands make the foot a common site for injury and disrupted mechanics. This workshop will provide a brief review of fundamental anatomy of the ankle-foot complex. Participants will then learn exercises on the Pilates reformer designed to challenge key muscles of the foot often missed in Pilates workouts. Cues and technique exercises will also be included that are designed to promote optimal foot mechanics that can be utilized in classical Pilates repertoire and functional movement.

$270 half day/ $500 both workshops


2pm-5pm (3 PDP’s)

Earlier Pilates approaches often emphasized hollowing to activate deep abdominal muscles and provide lumbopelvic stability. More recent approaches encourage co-activation of the deep back extensors with the abdominals to maintain neutral lumbopelvic positioning through various bracing strategies. This workshop will provide scientific rationale for the utilization of both of these approaches. Participants will then learn Pilates-based repertoire, as well as cueing for classical exercises designed to optimize the benefits of bracing and hollowing that will help prepare clients for creating core stability in a variety of functional movements outside of the Pilates studio.
$270 / $500 both workshops




10am-5pm (6 PDP’s)

Pilates can offer a vital mode of reducing some of the important declines associated with aging. This workshop will provide classical and novel Pilates-based exercises to enhance bone density; counter kyphosis and loss of lumbar extension; improve lower body antigravity functional strength; address overhead reaching and grip strength; and promote balance. Recommendations for exercise modification for selected conditions commonly accompanying ageing such as arthritis and osteoporosis will also be presented.




10am-5pm (6 PDP’s)
This workshop will include a discussion of key alignment problems such as kyphosis, rolled shoulders, in-facing knees, hyperextended knees and excessive foot pronation in terms of their commonly associated strength imbalances, flexibility imbalances, and related postural patterns. Presentation of classical and novel Pilates-based exercises designed to improve these alignment problems, with a particular emphasis on developing kinesthetic awareness and desired muscle activation patterns that can be transferred from isolation exercises to functional movement.