Pilates from home

Keep smiling, keep moving, keep healthy.

We have created an online platform to keep you moving from the comfort of your own home.

I am so thankful to Movement collective for offering their courses online. Being able to participate during this time is life saver.

You still get the personal attention from your instructor while in the comfort of your  own home.

Breanna C

I’ve always been a bit sceptical about online classes but have found virtual classes with Erin very enjoyable. Having her there via zoom in real time makes me feel accountable for my workout. I think Erin provides the same ques and teaching techniques she does at the studio, I feel stronger and longer after each class.

The Wednesday class I attend has become part of my routine and a highlight of my ISO week 😊. Plus the convienence of doing it in my living room takes travel time out. I’m really hoping these classes continue even if the restrictions end.

Carla B

Movement Collective have made the transition from studio to virtual classes seamless. Offering inclusive, challenging and engaging Pilates mat classes. Having the positive energy of Erin and Lauren guide you through every step, I feel supported and encouraged as well as the burn!!! It’s kept me fit and connected to our little movement community and has become highlight of my iso week.

Michelle S

Pilates at home? YES PLEASE!

Need a bit of accountability? Why not try a class LIVE from your living room?  

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