Augusto Von Zuben


Augusto graduated from university in his native Brazil with a Physiotherapy degree in 2007, and has  also completed training in a joint mobilization technique called the Sohier Method. (Analytical physiotherapy).


Augusto added Pilates to his scope of practice in 2012 after completing training in the Pilates method through Metacorpus Studio Pilates Brazil. Combining his physiotherapy and Pilates training was a great way to help his patients rehabilitate from injuries without bringing on the load of gym type exercises.


Being able to watch his patients recover and get stronger and healthier through Pilates was a reward. “I could get people that detested weights and working out in  a fitness centre environment to exercise and feel healthy and that was amazing.”


Late in 2017 Augusto and his wife made the life changing decision to relocate to Australia, leaving behind a successful physiotherapy and pilates studio. We are lucky to have him join our team, taking on the role of Studio Manager in January 2020. His favourite Pilates exercise is the Long Box: pulling straps  and his own personal Movement goals is to continue to learn our Aussie approach  as well as sharing his knowledge and rehabilitation experience  with our Movement Collective tribe.


Augusto incorporates different exercises from his experience as a physio into his   Pilates sessions when needed. Combining his physio and Pilates  training from  Brazil, along with our Movement Collective programming allows his clients to feel a different kind of movement challenge. Augusto believes that his training will bring a fresh new approach to the Pilates method while still delivering you the same results.


His advice for his clients is to not worry about being able to do the exercises  because Pilates is a very versatile method that will challenge any level of fitness, age and body type and everyone can benefit from it. Augusto also works with elite athletes especially swimmers and triathletes.


Here’s a little more about Augusto when he is not practicing Pilates:


“I am a very active person and have always enjoyed sports so I am very familiar – being a Physio – with sports injuries and other types of injuries and how to treat / use Pilates to improve them. I train for triathlons so I have a lot of insights about which muscles to strengthen for active people who want to use Pilates as a tool to get better at any sport. I also have a lot of experience with elderly people and their injuries and can use Pilates to treat that as well.”