Bahar Bahrami

Bahar was born and grew up in Iran, a proud Persian who comes from the beautiful, four seasons country, a country with glorious architecture and warm-hearted people.

Graduating from university with a Bachelor’s degree in Photography in her native Iran, Bahar has been working as a photographer since 2012.

Discovering  Pilates 10 years ago when suffering from lower back pain caused by standing in photography session for hours every day, she was hooked. After practising Pilates as a client, for one year Bahar noticed an improvement in her posture and  learnt that it served as the best method to prevent injury and build strong body awareness. A career change was on the horizon and Bahar knew that this is what  she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Bahar started her Pilates journey by completing a Mat Work Course (including TheraBand, Ring, Ball) in her home country, was certified by the  West Asia Pilates Alliance and started working as a Mat Pilates Instructor.

In Early 2017, Bahar and her  husband decided to move to Australia and after settling in Sydney, realised she needed to pursue further Pilates training so she could follow her passion and teach Pilates in a studio environment.  After doing some research, Bahar enrolled in the BASI comprehensive course, which covers Mat work and all Pilates apparatus  and spent the next 2 years studying and then working as an Instructor at different Pilates studios to build her experience and confidence.

Bahar’s approach to teaching is by helping people, new to Pilates, learn, focus and understand the Pilates Method while providing a challenging and invaluable workout. She believes Pilates is the optimum way to keep people fit and injury-free. Bahar’s Pilates journey hasn’t stopped, and she is excited to join the team at Movement Collective where she can continue to study and evolve as a teacher.  Bahar also still works as a photographer so is managing to enjoy both her passions.