Ed Webeck

Ed Webeck is a recent graduate from Pilates ITC where he completed his Diploma of Pilates Instruction.

Ed has approached Pilates from a sport and human movement perspective. He completed a double degree from CSU in Journalism and Sports Studies and has gone on to coach sports and develop a passion for the human body, fitness and human movement.

Ed only attended a handful of Pilates classes before he decided to make a commitment to learning how to teach the Pilates Method.

Ed immediately embraced the short and long term benefits of Pilates, being able to use his core to alleviate back pain, finding greater flexibility in his legs and lower lumbar.

Coming from a sports and athletics background Ed approaches Pilates with a challenging mindset, using the time permitted to not only help rehabilitate the body but most importantly to challenge it.

Ed is very passionate about achieving throughout the class and will take stake in every clients journey. He will encourage you to find your abdominals, break a sweat and do your best no matter what level or condition the client is.