Elysha Manik

Elysha is delighted to have obtained her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction from PilatesITC and gone on to teach for PilatesInt/Movement Collective Studios since graduation. Elysha has been a dancer for 25 years and worked professionally in the performing arts industry both in Australia and overseas. You may have seen her in the most recent production of Dirty Dancing the Musical and two of Opera Australia’s productions at the Opera House, “Carmen” or “The Opera: The Eighth Wonder”.

Pilates was an integral part of Elysha’s physical education throughout her dance training. She was introduced to Pilates in her early teens to compliment her full-time Ballet training, and her experience with Pilates during her formative years greatly helped her understanding of the benefits of the Pilates Method for not just athletes but for everyone. She has used Pilates to maintain and have longevity in her dance career and has gained a great passion for Pilates instruction in the process. Elysha is also a highly sought after dance teacher and currently teaches at prestigious full-time dance institutions and various junior schools all over Sydney, including Sydney Dance Company. Elysha loves being part of the Movement Collective team and working in such a friendly and inspiring environment. In between dance productions, Elysha can be found teaching at our Hunters Hill studio.