Hayley Sullivan

Diploma Of Professional Pilates Instruction National Pilates Training (10838NAT)

Hayley first discovered Pilates 11 years ago, while rehabilitating a broken back and was so intrigued with how hard it was to move the correct way and not over use her dominate muscles that she was instantly hooked.  After each session Hayley felt so in tune with her body and loved the awareness, as well as the improvement that she noticed in her posture and the change in the way she  would walk and move after each session.  Continuing Pilates practice as a client over her long 2 year recovery from her injury Hayley took the leap and  committed to her Pilates journey by completing  the Diploma of Pilates Instruction through NPT in Melbourne. The rest is history. This journey has enabled Hayley to understand more about herself and how to enhance others through this method, especially when they are also on a rehabilitation journey.

Being extremely active and competing in triathlons in Melbourne, Hayley used Pilates as cross training during each season to prevent herself from getting further injuries and to keep her body fluid.

Says Hayley: “The thing I love about Pilates is that it doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness and health journey because its suited for everyone. I love working with injuries and educating each client about how to move correctly and confidently again. It’s so satisfying to see clients progress and I love helping them have a new lease on life”.

We are extremely lucky to have Hayley join our team at Movement Collective after making the move to Sydney to enable her to commence further study with a degree in physiotherapy, an excellent  complement to her Pilates training.