Karen Goh

Most of our Pymble tribe would have met Karen over the past few months, lets find out a little more about her and why she started Pilates.

“I was doing cardio and strength training at a gym but not much stretching so thought I’d try a Pilates class. I loved it, though I felt I had a long way to go. It was the desire to improve that prompted me to do an instructor course. As I got opportunities to teach, I saw how much other people benefited from, and enjoyed, movement and learning body awareness. I like seeing the look of concentration on clients’ faces when they are working out an exercise in their body. I trained with Pilates ITC and have been teaching for 2 years. My favourite exercise – back extension in all its forms”

Karen is our GO TO cover hero at our Pymble location and is teaching mat, reformer and studio Wednesday’s, Thursday and Friday mornings!