Salma Altaf

Salma’s interest in all things health and wellness began as a teenager when she discovered how exercise and good nutrition can help find a healthier, happier and more energetic self. She developed a life-long passion for studying and practicing good nutrition and exercise, while completing her formal studies in accounting, business and logistics.

However, the subsequent years of working in the corporate world took a toll on her – long hours at the desk affected her posture, often resulting in headaches, stiff and aching neck and shoulders. This is when Salma discovered the power of Pilates. One class a week soon became three – mat and studio. As Pilates helped strengthen her core, correct her posture and alleviate her aches, she realised how perfectly pilates tied in with her passion for health and wellbeing and a desire to help others with similar goals. Salma enrolled in the Diploma of Professional Pilates with ITC and never looked back.

Salma brings an empathetic understanding of what it is like to cope with pain, and the long and often winding journey one takes to achieve health and wellness goals – having been through the journey herself she is passionate about helping others do the same, and is an ardent believer in the role Pilates can play in any health and wellness plan.