Sarah Redmond

Growing up in the Snowy Mountains, Sarah spent much of her youth traveling along the far south coast and to major cities as a competitive Swimmer. To pursue her studies, she relocated to Wollongong and more recently settling in Sydney.

Sarah’s personal journey into Pilates was with an allied health team, who utilised the Pilates method to support the management of her autoimmune health condition and additionally help with lower back pain. As a client, she immediately fell in love with the way Pilates improved her physical and mental wellbeing, without the crash of other highly cardio based work outs. From then on Pilates became an intrinsic part of her weekly routine and an opportunity to explore it in its many different forms.

Sarah has completed a Diploma in Health Science and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Nutrition. Looking for a holistic way to support clients which complimented Nutrition, Sarah decided to explore her interest in Pilates and become an instructor enrolling in the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction through PilatesITC in 2019. 

As an instructor, she appreciates the adaptability of the Pilates method and the ability to meet every client where they are along their health journey and help them reach their goals. She is a big believer in preventative health measures and making people feel good about themselves both inside and out.