Pilates simply is for every body! Just ask our clients! You don't have to be a gymnast, or have a six pack, you just need to turn up and be ready to define the new you! We teach a huge variety of bodies, in fact each body is different. 


“It’s about 1pm and I’ve just returned home from the Pymble Studio after my third January Open Session. Open Sessions allow regular Pilates clients who know their programmes to go to the studio for extra Pilates workouts but without instructor supervision. I’m not sure how you find doing Pilates at home but no matter what I do it never seems to work. There always seems to be distractions – the phone rings; there’s a knock at the door; my wife starts up a conversation; the dog wants a game; the cat starts biting my toes ………and so the list goes on!!!!! But Open Sessions overcome all these hassles. So now I’m undertaking one session a week with my instructor and another one or two additional sessions on my own. I get to use the same studio equipment – unlike at home – and all this at a minimal extra cost. However I think the biggest advantage I’ve found so far is that it allows me to concentrate on those aspects that my instructor seems to repeatedly comment on each week – those things such as “breathe deeper”, “lower your ribs”, “lean forward” and the barrage of other variations I seem to get!!!! I lead a busy life and I have to work on my diary to find a suitable time in the middle of the day. However not having a set session time allows me flexibility to answer that phone call, have a discussion with my wife, play with the dog etc etc without worrying about being 10 minutes late!! Now I know you are going to find this difficult to believe, but I find I can concentrate more  in these Open Sessions on the things I should be doing better. In fact I really enjoy the 45 minutes of quiet time alone just concentrating on my Pilates programme. So if these Open Sessions are for you, have a chat to Sharan about the details. However don’t be surprised if you find yourself enjoying your instructor sessions more!!”

- Roger Norman, Movement Collective Pymble Client. 

I have been going to Pilates International for over 12 years,in that time I have had a number of different instructors and each and every one of them have been awesome!! At Pilates INT all the insructors have been highly trained,they have a diploma (not just a quick 6week course) they regularly attend ongoing courses,therefore always learning and passing on this valuable training to their clients. In a typical studio session there are only four clients to each class, this allows the instructor to spend the time with you and attend to your needs. I have been hairdressing for 40 years now and I have to say if I wasn't doing Pilates regularly I don't think my body would still be up to it,my posture and my being aware of my body and my now knowledge has made a huge difference to my life,if you haven't guessed by now I absolutely LOVE ❤️ PILATES at Pymble. I also attend their WellFit center a couple of times a week which is also fantastic, so do yourself a favor and get down to Pymble!!

- Jo Nicol, Pymble client since 2004

I have been attending group studio sessions twice a week for over a year and a half now and love it! Well equipped studio with extremely well qualified staff and a friendly fun atmosphere. I am also just about to have my first baby and they have been amazing in tailoring my program to fit my pregnancy. I would highly recommend Pilates International Broadway!

- Sidone Eccles, Broadway Client 

I have attended classes at Pilates International for the last six years. The level of my instructors' expertise, knowledge and dedication is remarkable. My resulting core strength and fitness has reduced my chronic bulging disc issue to something minimal and manageable. I highly recommend the studio.

- Nicole Ueland, Hunters Hill Client since 2011

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LG 3 14-16 Suakin St Pymble NSW 2073

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