What We Do 

What We Do

Here’s What You Need To Know

Here at Movement Collective, your progress is important to us, which is why we require all new clients to complete an initial consultation before moving into classes. During this assessment we will chat to you about any injuries you might have, any goals you might have and create a custom designed program to ensure you get the most out of each session.

You should expect to do between 45-50 minutes of exercise in this session. Our studios are like a little community for anyone who wants to experience healthy movement at its full potential. You may have some questions that you are not quite sure about, and that’s why we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves. We have two beautiful studios located in Sydney all fully equipped with top of the line apparatus and quality trained instructors guaranteed to help you unlock your bodies potential and define the new you.

Personalised Pilates For Every Body

Your initial consult is the key to studio sessions. Once your initial session is complete we make sure you have a personal program that’s safe and tailored to your body and goals. This is fabulous for targeted results and injury recovery.

It also means our instructors can work with you efficiently in a small group environment (maximum four participants) using studio Pilates equipment and traditional matwork. We also offer Private sessions for those who want individual attention. To get started, download our FREE app below.

A private studio session is a 1:1 where you are solely guided through your program with our undivided attention. These sessions are great for those new to studio, with high a risk injury or who just wish to get the most out of their Pilates. Privates can be shared with a friend- ask in studio for more details about duet sessions.

A regular studio session involves up to four participants per session, working on their own personalized program under one instructor. These sessions are suitable for people who feel confident with their programs and are happy to work a little more independently through their session.

Suited to the experienced Pilates enthusiast, however no prior experience is required for our foundation classes. These intimate classes (up to 6 participants) are taken through the same program to keep the body moving. We highly recommend seeking advise from our studios if you are not sure about whether or not these classes are suited to you. No initial consultation is required to join.

Women’s Health and Other Specialty Qualifications

Not only are all of our instructors highly trained with Diploma and Advanced Diploma level qualifications through Australia’s best training organizations, they also undertake a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education every two years to upskill and keep their training current.

Among our instructors we have teachers who have specialized in Women’s Health Programs (pre and postnatal, Diastis Recti Recovery, pelvic floor health and menopause) as well as Buff Bones for osteoporosis, Pilates for back pain and much more. If you have a certain issue that you would like to address please contact the studio for more information or refer to our meet the tribe page for more about our individual instructors.

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