Movement Collective Pilates

Embracing movement for everybody

Broadway and Parramatta

Movement Collective embraces Pilates for every body.

We are all about personal connection and our genuine desire to see you thrive through movement with a positive mindset. Our highly qualified teachers share a genuine passion for healthy movement.

We embrace Pilates for every body. While we take our teaching and technique seriously, we trust our instincts and make classes fun. We treat our clients as individuals, tailoring exercise programs to help the mind and body thrive. With two fully equipped studios across Sydney – in Broadway and Parramatta  – there’s an accessible private or studio class for everyone. Everything we do comes down to helping our clients move well and feel like their best selves.

We’re more than a studio. We’re a Movement Collective.


0434 646 268
Ground Floor, 55 Mountain Street, Ultimo




0409 810 305
Suite 9, 88 Church St, Parramatta

(Enter via Firehorse Lane)


Initial Consultation

Your initial consult is the key to studio sessions. Once your initial session is complete we make sure you have a personal program that’s safe and tailored to your body and goals. This is fabulous for targeted results and injury recovery. It also means our instructors can work with you efficiently in a small group environment (maximum four participants) using studio Pilates equipment. We also offer Private Sessions for those who want individual attention.

Studio Sessions (4:1)

(Initial Consultation required prior to joining these sessions) 

A regular Pilates session is a group class where one instructor teaches up to four people. These classes focus on your individual program and are suitable for those with previous Pilates experience and who are comfortable moving through exercises unsupervised. If you are unsure if these sessions are suitable for you, ask your friendly instructor for advise.

Private Sessions (1:1)

A private session is a one-on-one with your instructor and your personalised program. These sessions are suitable for every body, however preferred for clients with new injuries or conditions or who are new to Pilates or just like that extra bit of attention.

Reformer/ Tower Classes (6:1)

No initial consultation required.
Broadway studio only.  

These classes follow the same program with slight modifications where necessary. Ideal for the Pilates enthusiast who wants to really put their strength and endurance to the test, using faster paces transitions, higher repetitions and minimal rest time; these classes are surely going to push your limits while still being accessible for those who have never done it before. If you are new to Pilates, have an injury or are pregnant, please contact one of our friendly staff members to see if these classes are suitable for you.

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