Erin Jones

Studio Manager Broadway, (Level 3)

Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (10537NAT)

– Buff Bones Instructor certification (2016)

Women’s Health and Exercise specialist certified with the Center for Women’s Fitness: (2019)

– Pre/postnatal Health and Exercise Specialist

– Exercise through Menopause ™

The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™ 

– Support your Floor™

– Rocking and Rolling to Release ™

– Art of Motion Slings Essentials and Anatomy Trains in Motion

Erin spent 10 years in the Hospitality and events industry, where late nights and long hours on her feet started to really affect her physical health, too tired to continue with bootcamps and gym classes and very little experience with Pilates, she finally decided to give it a red hot go. Initially struggling with the concepts of Pilates, getting frustrated at the microscopic movements and the strong focus on breath, constantly being told to slow down and “do less” it was a rough introduction to the method. Ready to admit defeat and give up, she noticed that she could suddenly sit upright without much effort and reach her hands past her toes without the hamstrings screaming at her and at that moment, her entire outlook on Pilates changed. She was HOOKED.  

After enrolling in a mat work course in 2015 and eventually continuing to complete her studio diploma with Pilates ITC, Erin is now a Studio Manager at Movement Collective. Erin has discovered a passion for Movement and will continue her learning journey with further Pilates studies with other organisations. She believes you can never stop learning.  

Erin enjoys empowering people through Pilates and helping them discover their own bodies potential and loves working with them to help them achieve their goals. As a teacher Erin has found the importance in establishing strong foundations and awareness to ensure each movement counts as well as building trust between herself and her clients to help them get the most out of each visit. With a varying range of pathologies and populations across her client base, Erin believes that Pilates is the exercise for Every Body. 

Erin is also a certified Buff Bones instructor and qualified as a women’s health Pre and Post Natal Pilates specialist with Carolyn Anthony’s Center for Women’s Fitness. Erin is a registered level 3 instructor with the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA).