Lisa Peresan

Cert IV Dance Tuition, Cert IV Assessment and Workplace Training, Advanced Diploma of The Pilates Method (91490NSW), Level 4 Trainer PAA Member

Senior Instructor Pymble  Studio

Lisa has had a life long involvement and passion for movement. Her life’s motto is ” use it or lose it!” Lisa was originally classically trained in the Royal Academy of dancing syllabus and started her career as a professional dancer in the commercial genre at the age of 18, working in a musical in Spain. Her work as a dancer kept her traveling for 7 years in Europe and Asia and included work on television, musicals, Chesse Rijst Contemporary Dance Company and at the Lido in Paris.

Lisa first became involved with Pilates in the early 90’s when she returned to Australia and became an instructor working at the Body Control Studio for Alan Menezes. It was during this time that she saw the enormous benefits of regular pilates practice and instructed pilates to people like Paul Mercurio. She also taught dance at the new major dance centres including Sydney Dance Company studios, Aboriginal Dance Theatre, Sydney University and Bodenweissers and was involved in writing the jazz syllabus for the Australian Dance Assessment program.

Lisa started her own dance school on the Northern beaches in 1994 and decided to devote her time to the school and her two young children. She started practicing Pilates again in 2003 to help with chronic back problems. In 2005 she applied for and won a scholarship to become a Certificate IV Pilates instructor with Pilates International.

Lisa is passionate about Pilates and the benefits it brings with regular practice. She is interested in working with people from all walks of life but has personal experience as a post partum mum, and in working with dancers. Lisa believes you can always improve in what you do and can now be found at our Hunters Hill studio, a change of pace after working at our Turrmaurra/Pymble studio since 2006.

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